Read: Acts 12:1-11

When faced with challenges, many of us calculate based on the odds and decide. If there is a 20 percent chance of rain, we may not take it seriously. But if there is a 90 percent chance, we will take an umbrella. We do this always because we want to make wise choices and decisions so that we will be successful, and we want to avoid inconveniences.

In Acts 12, we see that the odds of survival for Peter were very low. Herod had already executed James, one of Jesus’ disciples, and he planned to execute Peter also (Acts 12:3-4). No one could imagine that Peter had any way of deliverance. Yet God had amazing plans. He sent a miraculous deliverance which confounded even those who were interceding for him (Acts 12:13-16). They were shocked to see him at their prayer meeting.

That is what we need to keep in mind. God can operate outside the odds because He is all-powerful. Nothing is impossible for Him. He is always in charge of our lives. All we need is to trust Him. He can reveal His power in the most impossible situations that we face. We can expect Him to move miraculously even today when His children cry out to Him. Remember, behind the scenes God is always in control.

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