Read: 2 John 8-9

Salvation in Christ is not a “reward” for good works but is instead the unmerited gift of God’s love. A heartfelt “thank you” is appropriate. More than that, thankful service to God is a reasonable response when you have experienced the mercies of God and received by grace the gift of salvation you don’t deserve.

H. A. Ironside said, “All who trust in the Lord Jesus are saved, and this totally apart from human merit. But all who profess to believe in Him are responsible to serve Him and to use whatever gift, ability, or means they have for His glory, and to further His interests in this world. There are those who profess to be servants who are not even born of the Spirit. But God holds people accountable for what they know and profess. It is incumbent on those who believe His Word to serve wholeheartedly in view of the day when every one of us shall give an account. In that solemn hour no one will regret having been too much concerned about living for Him. But many will regret the hours spent in selfishness and folly which might have been used for His glory, and talents wasted or hidden away that if properly invested in the light of eternity would have earned Christ’s ‘well done.’ He will reward all that is done in accordance with His Word.”

Jesus Christ bore the cost of our salvation that we might enjoy the riches of His grace. Since He willingly paid the price for sin, we are required to serve Him in “newness of life” (Rom. 6:4). According to the Bible, riches in Christ are available now, and rewards for faithful service to Him will be given later. This should motivate us to turn our gratitude to Him into good works for His glory, and thereby have no regrets when we meet Him face to face.

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