Read: Isaiah 55:8-9 

When we face adversities in life, there is a good chance that they can cause deep discouragement and despair. We normally see adversities as stumbling blocks, but the Lord sees them as times for great progress. God allows adversities not to crush and destroy you, but to enhance your spiritual growth. The Lord knows how to take a difficult situation in your life and use it to transform you into the image of Christ and equip you to carry out His will.

God is behind everything in your life. Unless He allows, no adversity comes upon you, much less come near you. When He allows the adversity, He uses it to accomplish His wonderful purposes in your life. We may assume or conclude that the suffering is evil and we don’t deserve it, but we must realise that we have a very limited perspective and cannot always understand what the Lord is doing behind the scenes.

Our heavenly Father sees the past, present, and future, everything from eternity’s viewpoint. But our view is always restricted to what is right before us. His plans include not only you but also His entire creation, from the beginning of time to eternity. He is such a magnificent God!!! And His works are always perfect. When you are unable to understand God’s ways at times, focus on His perfect knowledge, wisdom, and power rather than the greatness of your adversity. Remember that our God is greater than your adversity, and He sees the entire picture and loves you more than you can imagine.

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