Read: Proverbs 2:11

Discretion is the ability to focus our mind on sound judgement of what is happening around us. It helps us to choose our words, attitudes and actions carefully to model goodness and righteousness for any given situation, thus avoiding words and actions that would result in adverse consequences. “A good man deals graciously and lends, he will guide his affairs with discretion” (Ps. 112:5).

David prayed to God to give his son Solomon the discretion and understanding when he became a king and that he may obey God’s laws (1 Chron. 22:12). Imagine marrying a woman who is beautiful but lacking wisdom. The Bible says that a woman with external beauty and lacking wisdom is like a golden ring on a swine’s snout (Prov. 11:22). Daniel and his friends Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah used discretion not to eat the portion of king’s delicacies and wine and defile themselves as the food and drink were dedicated to false gods first (Dan. 1:8). Godly discretion protected them from sinning against God. God gave these men ten times more wisdom and understanding than the astrologers and magicians in Babylon (Dan. 1:20).

Some benefits of having godly discretion:

  • Discretion will protect you and understanding will guide you (Prov. 2:11).
  • Discretion will provide safety (Prov. 3:21-26).
  • Discretion will keep a person from being caught up in adultery (Prov. 5:2).
  • Discretion keeps a person to be patient and control his temper (Prov. 19:11).
  • Discretion helps a person to see danger and avoid it (Prov. 22:3).

If you feel that you lack discretion and wisdom, ask God to bless you abundantly with those gifts. He will protect you and guide you from hidden dangers, and you will be more productive for Him and His Kingdom.

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