Read: Psalm 145:17-21

A consistent life puts the stamp of genuineness in a person’s prayers. In Psalm 145, David explained that we should have a healthy fear of the Lord (Ps. 145:19) and that we should love Him (Ps. 145:20). If we do, our daily walk will please Him. Then, as we pray, what we say to the Lord will be supported by our actions.

A family was having breakfast and the father in his usual manner was thanking God for what He had provided. After he said “Amen,” he resumed his habit of grumbling about hard times, about the poor quality of the food, about the way it was cooked, and much more. His little daughter listened with attention and interrupted him by saying, “Daddy, do you think God heard what you said when you prayed?” “Certainly,” he responded with confidence. “And did He hear what you just said about the steak and the coffee?” “Of course,” he replied meekly. “Then, Daddy, which did God believe?”

Perhaps this incident reminds us of some inconsistencies in our own lives. We acknowledged God’s grace when we asked Him to save us. Shouldn’t we trust Him for sustaining grace each day? We thank Him for His indwelling Spirit, our Comforter, and Teacher; but do we allow Him to guide our steps? We praise God for His Word; are we consistent in reading and obeying it? Our part is to live by faith in accord with His will – being careful to please Him in our words and deeds. Ps. 19:14 says, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight.” How we live and what we say in prayer will then be consistent. Obedience to God will remove the faking from our prayers.

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