Read: Ezra 5:6-17

In late 500 BC, the Jewish people were eager to complete their temple that had been destroyed by the Babylonian army in 586 BC. But the governor of that region was doubtful of the work of the people. Therefore, he sent a message to King Darius (Ezra 5:6-17).

In that letter, the governor said that the Jews were working on the temple and asked the king whether they have the permission to do so. He also said that the Jews had mentioned that an earlier king had given them the permission to rebuild. When the king checked it, he found that King Cyrus had given permission to rebuild the temple. As a result, Darius not only gave them permission to rebuild, but he also paid for it (Ezra 6:1-12). After the rebuilding of the temple, the Jews celebrated because they knew God had turned the heart of the king towards them (Ezra 6:22).

Paul the apostle also exhorted to respect and be subject to the governing authorities (Rom. 13:1-7). In our life, when we present our case respectfully to authorities, believe that God is in control of every person and that He can change the heart of anyone and make it favourable towards us. If we represent Him faithfully before others, He will carry out everything for the good of us. Know that God is in control of every situation.

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