Read: Philippians 2:25-30

In the Roman Empire, pagans often called on the name of a god or goddess as they placed bets in a game of chance. One favourite deity of a gambler was Aphrodite, the Greek word for Venus, the goddess of love. During the roll of the dice, they would say “epaphroditus!” literally, “by Aphrodite!”

In the letter to the Philippians, we read of a Greek convert to the Christian faith by the name of Epaphroditus. He was a close companion of Paul who served him well in his missionary endeavours. Regarding him, Paul wrote, “Epaphroditus, by brother, fellow worker, and fellow soldier” (Phil. 2:25).

Epaphroditus was a spiritual brother in Christ, a faithful worker who partnered in ministry efforts, a brave soldier of the faith, and the carrier of the inspired letter to the church at Philippi. He demonstrated brotherhood, a work ethic, spiritual endurance, and service. Epaphroditus definitely had a well-deserved reputation that showed he did not live by a pagan goddess but by faith in Jesus Christ.

More important than our name are the Christian qualities that are seen in our lives: care, dependability, encouragement, and wisdom. How would you want others to describe you? Someone once said, “If we take care of our character, our reputation will take care of itself!”

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