Read: Mark 4:1-20

One cannot sow thistles and expect to reap roses. Nor will mango trees grow in deserts. What is sown and where it is sown are both crucial elements in producing a harvest. The condition of the soil or the ground where the seed falls plays an important role in the quality of harvest. 

God’s Word as the divine seed falls on all kinds of ground and produces fruit, little, much or nothing, based on the condition of the soil. Alexander Maclaren said, “No one is obliged, either by his temperament or circumstances, to be ‘wayside,’ or ‘stony,’ or ‘thorny’ ground. The true acceptance of the Word requires that we do not let it lie only on the surface of our minds, nor be satisfied only to have it penetrate a little deeper and take root in our emotions, or let competing desires grow up unchecked. Instead, we must cherish the word of truth in our deepest hearts, guard it against foes, let it rule there, and mould our conduct to its principles.”

The psalmist said, “Your word I have hidden in my heart” (Ps. 119:11). If we do that, we will be fruitful, because His Word will bear fruit in us. There will be increase wherever a heart opens to receive the gospel and keeps it faithfully. Fruit-bearing requires three things: seed, sower and soil. The seed is the living Word of God. The sower is one who proclaims the gospel to the world. Even these two are not enough to guarantee a harvest. The soil, which points to the heart, is equally important. Barren, rocky, thorny, or good – what is your heart’s condition? Pick your soil carefully, because it can make a hundredfold difference in your life.

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