Read: Mark 12:41-44

There are many passages in the Bible where money matters are mentioned. In God’s eyes, money matters. In our passage for today, many rich people were giving huge sums of money out of their immense wealth. However, in the eyes of Jesus, their ‘huge’ seemed as nothing compared to the ‘everything’ that the poor widow gave out of her poverty.

Adam Clarke explained how the widow’s two copper coins had more value than the millions of the rich. He said, “Christ observes all people and all things. All our actions are before His eyes. What we do in public and what we do in private are equally known to Him. His eye was upon the abundance of the rich who had given much, and He was well acquainted with the poverty and desolate state of the widow who had given her all, though that was only a little in itself. Christ sees all the motives which lead people to perform their good deeds. He knows whether they act through vanity, self-love, ambition, hypocrisy … or through love, charity, zeal for His glory, and a hearty desire to please Him. He observes the motivations which accompany our actions – whether we act with care or negligence, with a ready mind or with reluctance.”

Today there are many who may be willing to give God the credit, but few are willing to give for His cause financially. Many are willing to give Him some or even much, but very few are willing to give Him all. Many may be willing to give a tithe or offering, but few are willing to humbly admit that the balance also belongs to God. Think about this: If God rewarded your giving on the basis of motive and not the amount, how would you give? A true servant’s heart is revealed in how s/he gives, and not how much. Remember, God values a person’s giving not based on how much s/he has given, but on how much that person has left behind after giving.

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